That whoosh is the sound of joy leaving a care giver of an Autism or Alzheimer’s victim

Dementia robs more than the memories of its victims. It shrivels their health and the very purpose of life leaving the afflicted and their care givers joyless. Just looking at someone with advanced dementia is positively heart breaking. If you are a parent the thought of the current Autism odds –1 in 88 births – are numbers that will scare you until you are happy grandparents. If you are approaching your senior years you worry every time you forget something. But what you might not appreciate is that your children are petrified that you might become demented and they would have to assume the role of care givers…a responsibility that will in all probability rob them of their health and any joy in their lives.

Many thousands of us are working tirelessly to find a treatment and cure for dementia, but until then those providing care need our attention. More than half of the demented will bolt, wander or elope from familiar surroundings for no apparent reason – If not found quickly more than half will die. The afflicted survivors will repeat their behavior over and again.

Peace of mind is not something we truly appreciate until it has been taken from us. Being able to locate a wanderer in a minute can trade fear for peace and at only $300 the device that can return a bit of joy to a life could be called a bargain. Walking shoes, discretely embedded with a 2-way GPS device with smartphone access is today’s solution.  A cure is down the road, but the Navigator tracking shoe from Aetrex has a real-time value …as we take this journey one day at a time.


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